Aion 4.0 new Skills

The 4.0 update will increase the level cap to 65. With this new level comes a new map and new skills.

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The new map in the Aion 4.0′s update, will be, as expected, PvP oriented. The new map will be called the Katalam Region. The level cap will be increased to level 65. The skills will be divided up into 3 categories:

  • Survival reinforcement
    • “Since the upcoming Katalam Region is a PvP zone, these skills will be vital to your survival!”
  • RvR (Raid vs Raid) reinforcement
    • “The following skills reinforce your attacks, which will be useful during siege warfare in Aion!”
  • Charged skills
    • “A new type of skill, charged skills can change the tempo of fights for casters! These skills have cumulative or stronger effects the longer you charge them, but be warned that this will increase the casting time! It’s up to the caster to decide whether a more powerful spell is worth the risk of taking longer to cast.”

All of the skills are still subject to name/effects changes or could be removed completely. Time will tell what will become of these skills and how they will affect the gameplay.

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Survival reinforcement

survival reinforcement aion 4.0 update skills

The first thing that pops into my mind when I read this is: they are taking everything that makes the Assassin special away and handing it out to every single other class. My second thought was, ok look, its not bad enough the chanter is going to be replaced in 4.0 he also gets screwed on skills (yet again).

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RvR (Raid vs Raid) reinforcement

raid vs raid reinforcements skills aion 4.0

It seems the Assassin slightly redeems itself here, but clearly its a PVP only because stuns won’t work on boss mobs. And the fact that you HAVE to be in hide doesn’t work too well in most PvE cases either. The Spiritmasters skill seems utterly useless and crap, and I for one, will not pick it up. The Gladiator, wow, really? Do they hate the Assassin that much that they even basically give away Ambush to the Gladiator, and make it better (AOE)?

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Charged skills

charged skills aion 4.0 new skills

These skills seem very interesting, the Sorc skill however, I’m not entirely convinced they need yet another CC. The cleric skill I can totally see working at the beginning of fights. The cleric can ‘pre-cast’ it to have a good AOE heal on the party at the beginning of a (boss) fight. The chanter skill I would have to see in action. It really depends on the damage, however, new attack skills on the chanter are always welcome!


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