Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second Review

The very long awaited sequel to Ragnarak Online is finally here! Or is it?

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For those of you who never played Ragnarok Online this will be a bit hard to understand. The game did not look great, hell it was semi-fake-3d. But despite the big amount of shortcomings this game had (2D-ish, in the beginning at least: no quests, just pure grind) it made up for it in game-play and community.


I have yet to see a game that has a better community then this game. In what MMO RPG nowadays do you just sit down in town and talk to people? And not just a couple of words, but whole conversations with groups of people, and people having fun with each other (not just within 1 guild). People who didn’t know each other would interact and hang out.

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Problems during making of Ro2

The making of Ragnarok 2 started, I do believe, back in 2005. There was a long running closed bata test in 2007, after which they decided to scrap the whole thing and start over. The first version was called: Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World. This first version was built on the Unreal Engine 2.5. After all the negative feedback the game was scrapped and the project restarted with the new name: Ragnarok Online: Legend of the Second. This version of the game uses the Gamebryo engine. Why is this significant you might ask? Well because another game published by Gravity Corp is: Dragonica, and guess what engine that uses? So they more then likely used that knowledge for this project as well.

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The beta

Now we get to the current game. Ro2 is currently in open beta. This open beta was not without its problems. First off, it was location-locked to a handful of countries in Asia. They waited to announce this ktill the day before going into open beta. About a month later the game went open for the world, well, sort of. I downloaded the game, installed it, and it crashed every time after character selection. The solution to this problem was one of the most ludicrous I have EVER seen: I had to set my locale settings in windows to USA (I live in The Netherlands). It worked, but how the hell do you even manage to *bleep* that up like that? ** UPDATE ** they have now fixed this issue!


First look

Ragnarok Online 2: The legend of the Second – gameplay |

Fine, problem solved, I can get into the game, yay! My first words after playing for a couple of seconds were: “what the fuck is this shit?”. This game has now been in the making, well let’s be nice, just the second version of part 2, for 6 years??? And wow, the controls: crap, the game play: crap, translations: crap. All of that could have been forgiven, if they had maintained the feeling like it was in Ragnarok Online. Now I know this really sounds like I’m glorifying Ragnarok Online, but that is what everyone experienced with that game. It is hard to understand if you didn’t play the game in its glory years. However, Ragnarok Online 2 sure captured this feeling right? NOPE!

How can this be? Surely they know that that was the drive behind their previous game? Well I recently found out the “creative genius” behind Ragnarok Online left the studio around the time the first version was rejected. He went on and started his own game studio that is working on a project called: Project R1. So there is still hope we will see a proper sequel to a great game.


The controls

ragnarok online 2 legend of the second settingsThe controls are poorly setup. They felt unnatural to me. The turning of your camera was locked to a mouse-key with no option to change it. I had to invert my mouse settings in-game to get the camera movement on the mouse key where I am used to it. The rotational speed of the camera is set to spastic mode and cannot be changed.

These options are not very clearly labeled, however, I found how to set this the way I like it (and am used to). You hit Esc, then go to Game Settings, then on the Control tab set the: ‘Control Center of Camera’. This will make your character run in the direction you are facing. The inverting of the mouse still holds true tho, standard: the right click is click to move and left click is camera rotation, so I will keep that inverted to set it right. I’m still not completely happy with the camera and movement in the game, the camera and character movement is still too separate for my taste. I have posted a screen shot on the right here with what I think is the best setup to act like most other MMO RPGs keep in mind I still don’t think its perfect, or the way I want it to be.


The graphics

The graphics are less then stellar to say the least. The screen shots below are all made with the highest in-game graphical settings. They worked on this game for how many years? 5 years since they started with the current engine? And this is all they have to show for it. That’s rather disappointing.

Ragnarok Online 2 legend of the second - 1Ragnarok Online 2 legend of the second - 3Ragnarok Online 2 legend of the second - 2Ragnarok Online 2 legend of the second - 4Ragnarok Online 2 legend of the second - 5Ragnarok Online 2 legend of the second - 6Ragnarok Online 2 legend of the second - 7Ragnarok Online 2 legend of the second - 8

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Ragnarok Online 2 – character creation |

The classes haven’t really changed much since Ragnarok Online, however, you don’t start off as a Novice this time around. There are some distinctive differences though.

The classes you can pick from:

  • Swordsman
    • Warrior - Melee – DPS / off-tank
      • They carry great swords and are capable of skillfully defending themselves from enemy attacks. Their experience allows them to mow down enemies on the battlefield as though it were second nature.
    • Knight - Melee – Tank
      • They know how to handle ‘auras’ skillfully through systematic battle training and also can use their shields as a battle skill.
  • Magician
    • Wizard – Magic / Range – DPS
      • They are especially specialized in flame magic that will set opponents ablaze. Can also summon a flaming meteorite or create huge explosions.
    • Sorcerer – Magic / Range – DPS / Support
      • Their affinity with nature helps them use the powers of nature freely, and summon spirits to aid them in battle or to heal their allies.
  • Archer
    • Ranger – Range – DPS
      • They use trained falcons and traps to lure enemies and are key to holding dominance in battle.
    • Beast master – MeleeDPS / off-tank
      • They inherit the powerful strength of beasts to boost their physical strength and defeat their enemies. They can also transform into beasts and manifest all their abilities.
  • Thief
    • Assassin - MeleeDPS
      • They are especially known to form contracts with Shadow Devils to learn Shadow skills secretly handed down through the Assassin Guild. Their powers exceed any living human being.
    • RogueMelee – DPS

      • Their chain skills resemble beautiful dances that bewilder their opponents. They use special potions to enhance their abilities temporarily.
  • Acolyte
    • Priest – Ranged – Support
      • Priests can call upon a holy Archangel and display a showing of transcendental abilities. They are punishers from the Odin Orthodoxy and judge evil under the name of God.
    • Monk – MeleeDPS / Support
      • Not only do they have strong physical strength due to endless training, they can also freely control their internal powers.



Ragnarok Online 2: a brief overview of the Thief |

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You pick your job when you create your character, this means your characters are limited to 1 job. In Ragnarok Online these jobs were attached to a class (Merchant > Blacksmith / Alchemist). In this game however you pick between one of the four jobs:

  • Alchemist – Pots
  • Artisan – Cloth/Leather armor
  • Blacksmith – All Weapons / Plated armor
  • Chef – Food items

The Alchemist is always a good job to pick up, just because everyone needs pots. The rest depends on what you need/want. If you play with other people you might want to spread out the Jobs so you can help each other out.

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There are more then enough quests to do in the game to keep you busy. When you click on the objective (example: “kill 4 porings”) of the quest in the quest tracker it will open up your map and show you where you need to go. The quests are rather generic for the game genre, kill so many mobs, get X amount of drops, gather this, and deliver that. So far (~level 10) the quests are all easy enough to solo, and are a breeze with a party to do.

Ragnarok Online 2: Thief to Rogue quest |

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They have of course kept the card system from Ragnarok Online. However, there are some distinct differences between the first version of the game and this one. The cards now no longer go into your armor and weapons but into 5 designated slots in your character info window (last tab). The slots open up based on your level(level 1/10/20/30/40). And sadly the system seems to be worse then it was in RO. The cards now only seem to have stats and no more (passive~) skills. They just have stats like STR, INT, AGI, WIS and VIT. Once you put a card in one of those slots it is locked in there, and as far as I know, cannot be removed, only be replaced by a new card.

The card NPC will combine 5 cards into 1 of the 5 you provided. All of the cards will have to be different types. Then add the Card Synthesis Stone to get a random card output. You have a 50% chance to succeed. I recommend using this NPC as often as you can to get rid of useless cards, don’t save up on the normal cards. Everything is better then having no cards equipped, however since you can only equip 5 cards (At level 50) you want to get the most amount of stats out of your cards. 5 different normal (green)cards make (if successful) 1 normal+ card or a blue card.

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I have only played the game till level 12 so far. If you can get past the crappy graphics and the shitty camera/character controls it’s a pretty decent game. However, I wouldn’t call this Ragnarok Online 2. All the things that made the first game good are nerfed/missing in this one. Example: the thief has no steal, what the hell? The cards now go into character slots not weapons/armor, ok that’s good, but they are still locked in there. And the cards now just have base stats, so no more ghost elemental armor. Now, do keep in mind this is still a beta game, and they might change some of these things. So, overall, a decent game, nothing great, and not the Ragnarok Online sequel we were all hoping and waiting for.

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  1. The game is horrible. Its just not Ragnarok.

  2. Why do you think it is better that cards would be in player rather than equips? I personally think that is much worse. Some of the things that made RO great were due to the fact that cards were in armors. For one the fact that you could use your gears in multiple chars. Now you get a card and its limited to one specific character (of course its not that bad since each card is only stats, of course I think the stat only system is stupid though). Another thing that was great about cards in armor was the armor switching in RO. In fights you would need multiple armors to keep up with their multiple weapons. The required switching added a new elements to fights which I personally think made pvp fun. Now its just get the best stat armors and cards, and keep those always equiped, character done. No room to grow with a character until later expansions once that is done. Armor switching in fights was one of my favorite things in RO and that would be ruined without being able to have cards in armors, of course this is only my personal opinion so I would like to know why you think armors in characters would make it better.

    • I don’t think its a great system, however both have up and down sides. Cards in gear as you said was transferable to other characters and you could switch them, however, if you have a nice rare card in something, you couldn’t switch to any better gear because the card was ‘stuck’ in there. By solving that issue, they created a whole new set of issues. Like the cards being even more of a disposable item then they were before. So nether option is perfect, they are just different. And I do miss the cards with fun stuff on it (like splash damage!) now they just have boring stats, lot less fun to get the ‘good ones’ *cough* Ghost armor *cough*.

  3. Well with Asura strike much weaker now, and AD nonexistent GR armor isn’t as big of a deal, so in a way they made it not as needed, but I would still definitely love to have a GR armor. I would also love to have a deviling card. I know a lot of people had a issue with not being able to remove important cards from armors from the original RO, and for me even though I saw it as a issue, I just considered it to be something I had to put into consideration before carding anything (which admittedly was hard to do). Yet I would always rather have unique cards that are permanent in armors (and tradable) rather than stat only cards that only help one char ever, and are still also unrecoverable (without destroying.) I am really hoping Project R1 turns out way better than RO2, and it somehow incorporates a card system. I know not much information has been released on Project R1 but I have high hopes for it.

    • I totally agree, I much rather see the old card system then this new one (even with the drawbacks). The problem they(grav. corp.) had with it, is that a new character (alt) could instantly at level 10 equip all this good armor with those cards and be way OP for its level.
      And yeah, I know about Project R1 and I definitely hope that will be a popper sequel to RO. Time will tell.

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